Crossing the Pacific in a Boat Made From Plastic Bottles

Plastiki.jpgA boat made entirely from plastic bottles and recycled waste products is to set sail from San Francisco to Sydney, on a 12,000 nautical mile journey to study the marine environment, according to this article which Blog reader Judith B came across via CNN on Wednesday.


The Plastiki Expedition in April 2010 will include four scientists from the Scripps Research Institute, and will sail through the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, which the Blog has written about here before.


According to the article, the Plastiki “is a catamaran made from 20,000 plastic bottles injected with CO2 packed into pontoons. The pontoons are strapped to a rigid plastic tube running the length of the hull, and they’ve assembled the whole thing without glues or resins, so when the trip is over, the entire boat is recyclable.”



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