Strawberries and Ice Sculpture in San Antonio

kolmar ice.jpgtruong pic choc strawberries at kolmar.jpg 

The clever thing about arriving in Houston on Wednesday is that we were over the jet lag before the festivities began. By Saturday afternoon in San Antonio, the sun was blazing and at the Kolmar party in the courtyard of the Plaza San Antonio hotel, everyone was in sunglasses under the spreading cotton trees. As usual there was a strong representation from the European aromatics crowd and a lot of ship brokers and owners, plus Truong, Nel, Neil and myself from ICIS.


It was good to catch up with a friend now exiled in Saudi, and another who lives a caged existence in Equatorial Guinea. On the catering side, the Blog restaurant reviewer gave full marks to the guacamole and the chocolate covered strawberries, and the Kolmar ice sculpture was pretty impressive, even when half-melted.

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