Sunday Open House at ICIS

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–Sunday afternoon at NPRA is when ICIS has its cocktail reception, nicely timed to be after the golf outings and before the official conference Welcome Reception. So the suite was full of subscribers, editorial contacts, ICIS staff, former staff, competitors, passers by, family members but without the usual Canadian guys in red sweatshirts from the Alberta Economic Development suite next door – all enjoying the food and drink, helping themselves to reports and freebies.


In previous years the hotel supplied us with Tom the barman, who mixed a mean pink margarita. He told everyone the recipe was a secret, but I can exclusively reveal that the pink was grenadine and it wasn’t very secret since he poured it in front of them. It was a bit on the sweet side, if you ask me.


At one point in the afternoon, I count seven competitors in the suite enjoying our hospitality in a brief flowering of the spirit of détente. Gone are the days when a former manager called security to eject a former employee competitor. How I miss the drama.

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