Supply chain issues on Mother’s Day

tulips Rex.jpgIt was Mother’s Day weekend in the UK, and so we had a gathering of all The Mothers, including grandmothers, subverting the idea of Mothering Sunday by going out for our family dinner on Friday.


The dinner had its moments, largely due to the participants having varying degrees of mobility. And it had to be on the Friday because one of the grandmothers had a prior social engagement on the Sunday. The other grandmother caused chaos at the table by having to borrow the waitress’s reading glasses and then being called on her fancy new mobile in the middle of the meal. Grannies today are so irresponsible.


By Saturday, family members were reporting that the high street was thronged with dads taking small children out shopping, and that fly-by-night flower stalls were springing up in pub car parks, meeting the sudden but not unpredictable demand for small bunches of daffodils and tulips (the only acceptable gifts at this time).


The big supermarket chains had prices slashed for unsightly mixed colour bouquets, and by the afternoon, a hot £1 coin could buy you only a bunch of tightly furled buds, all the open blooms being sold out. Supply and demand in microcosm.


(photo: Rex)

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