APIC 2010 Mumbai – A Passage to India

Mumbai Victorial terminal Rex.jpgAPIC 2010 in Mumbai next month is expecting over 1,200 delegates, the organisers are saying in an eshot to prospective attendees today.


That’s looking like a good turnout, considering all the mumblings of discontent from the Northeast Asian contingent – about the security, the climate, the size of the venue, etc – and some alternative attractions which are timed to coincide with APIC like the APTC conference in Kuala Lumpur.


ICIS is having a pre-APIC Methodology Seminar in Singapore on 11 May for APIC-goers, conveniently close to the airport for delegates transiting through Changi. It’s at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Changi Airport (1.30-5.00 followed by tea reception!)


International first-time visitors to India have been busy getting their letters of invitation and costly visas which alarmingly require two blank pages in their passports.


Perusing the online programme of presentations by competing chemicals consultancies, the Blog is delighted to see that two dear friends and former colleagues, Vince S and Philippa D will be performing on the first day of the conference.


With election fever gripping the UK, the Blog hopes that the standard of debate at APIC will be as high as at the electoral hustings on Monday in the leafy London suburb of Richmond, where I enjoyed seeing a panel of nine politicians including one former Shell chief economist and one dashing young multi-millionaire arguing over the issues of the day. The stakes are high, but it’s all to play for.


photo: Mumbai Victoria terminal Rex

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