Volcanic thoughts from Paradise

nel canaries april 2010.JPGICIS staffers are still stranded across Europe and the US, with others stuck in London and desperate to get back to the US. One editor has made it back to London from Spain by coach, but John B is somewhere between Rome and Paris on his way back from Athens with a carful of teenagers, and Richard won’t be leaving California until next Saturday. Two others here have had holidays cancelled, and one is about to leave for his wedding, with the prospect that family and guests will not be able to join him. Our own Nel Weddle, senior editor at ICIS London sips her chilled white rioja as the sun goes down on another day of travel torture …

I am quite literally stranded in Paradise – that is actually the name of the resort in Fuerteventura that sounded so idyllic when I booked my “week in the sun” back in frozen February. What seemed to be a bit of a joke on Thursday when the restrictions began is now rapidly turning into less of a paradise and more of a nightmare. We are on day two of our enforced stay and I am longing for my own bed and proper telly, a curry and even the ICIS office – I have not seen my desk in sunny Sutton since 25 March.

We have been in touch with everyone we can think of, spent loads of euro coins in the internet cafe searching for flight ferry and car possibilities. The Foreign Office advises to stay put and that they are working around the clock to repatriate me and my family and the thousands like us. In the meantime we wait, play cards, watch the hotel entertainment which isn’t bad as it goes and take good advantage of the all inclusive status re bar drinks and try and keep family tempers at bay!

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