APIC from India to Japan

apic mumbai 2010 025.jpgMUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–News circulates at APIC that next year’s event will be in Japan. First we hear it will be Yokohama, then it transpires that it will be Fukuoka. One Indian petchem sales manager tells me that the local delegates believe that APIC will not be coming back to India in his lifetime, because they felt the infrastructure had not been up to it and the hotels so scattered.


In the heat of the afternoon, and not knowing how far the Marriott was for an afternoon meeting, we gratefully accept a ride in what I called a tuk tuk. Only in India it’s called an “auto,” short for “auto-rickshaw” (not a bike-rickshaw) a friend tells me reprovingly.


Then it’s back to the Renaissance for another meeting, then off to find a hotel called the Residence. The doorman tells me there are no taxis, but can offer me as a special favour another auto, which is usually only allowed around the conference site. I head off down busy roads in thick traffic in the auto/tuk tuk.


After the meeting I am of course stranded at the Residence. There are no taxis, and none likely to arrive. My hosts are embarrassed. Eventually, someone arrives in a taxi and I jump in to get back and change for the Petrochem party at the Maratha. We sit for so long in traffic that we turn around and head straight to the Maratha. Oh and did I say it was hot?


There is no point in worrying about being late or arriving in the wrong clothes. Everyone is late and in the wrong clothes. It’s a great party, but there are a lot of photographers and film crew circulating. Now we will all be captured on film with shiny faces and crumpled clothes.


apic mumbai 2010 019.jpgphotos:

1 View from Renaissance lobby, Mumbai

2 Auto rickshaw 

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  1. PD 18 May, 2010 at 1:49 pm #

    Love this photo, could it be the first photo of you in your blog?

  2. Barbara Ortner 18 May, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    I think you will find it’s the third! And I can always remove them if you think that’s overkill.

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