APIC Mumbai lasting impressions

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Some strange photos from APIC have been arriving in the Blog inbox, and it seems a shame to waste them. Avoiding the ash cloud on the return journey, delegates have been returning to their desks and exchanging their key impressions about the event …


1 One consultant said that his colleague from the Philippines had been unable to get a visa because he hadn’t had $100,000 in his bank account.

2 Sweet and milky is the default position for Indian conference coffee and tea.

3 Traders who booked meeting rooms in the main body of the conference hotel had to move from one room to another on each day.

4 APIC had the highest delegate numbers ever: around 1,500 – and non-registered hangers-on doubled that number.

5 Our own John R from ICIS raved about the quality of the DeWitt conference, despite its thin attendance.

6 Congratulations to Etty P on her new grand-daughter.

7 One key industry figure memorably described aromatics traders as behaving “like monkeys in a bag,” following up with a request that this shouldn’t be quoted on the Blog.

8 One shapely industry publisher was photographed on stage with the Indian dancers at the Farewell Dinner, but requested that the Blog keep it private…


neil milk van.jpgphotos:

Renaissance lobby c/o Ashok

Milk van c/o Neil

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