From ICIS Training to Floggers

(Wednesday) I thought it was crazy putting the London ICIS Training on the same day as Floggers, but sure enough the training was a runaway success, so what do I know? For Day Two, the Advanced course, we were sold out, and there was obviously no crossover with the Floggers crowd who were already getting stuck in at the Red Bar and the pre-luncheon hospitality suites while we were still pondering the mysteries of co-product credits.


After my Advanced pricing paper and another fine Novotel lunch in the good company of a Dutch-based Turkish banker, I set off to join the après-Floggers festivities at the Grosvenor House.


Shelley and I had discussed how the key to post-Floggers success would be flat shoes, and so it was. On the sunniest Floggers evening in memory, in the wide open space of the new piazza-style pavement outside Mayfair‘s Audley Arms, we mingled with the European petchem industry’s finest.


In the course of the afternoon, the Blog learnt that:

  • Everyone who has ever been to India on business has a detailed digestive story to tell.
  • That a couple of hours is considered way too long for styrene monthly contract negotiations.
  • That David Little is retiring at the end of the year.
  • That Richard L and Barry J are still popping up at Floggers despite being long retired.
  • That actress Emma Thompson and her mother live in west Hampstead.
  • That long-haired Neil Dudman completed the London Marathon despite having been very ill ever since NPRA.
  • That black designer suits are de rigueur for men at German marketers.
  • That one industry senior manager cannot watch films or read novels.
  • That Jim Ratcliffe’s wife’s family lives in northern Italy.
  • That getting back to the UK by train during the volcanic ash cloud crisis was much easier if you went first class.


See PHOTOS from Floggers (when I get them from Caroline)


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