ICIS Training in London

April 201018.JPG(Tuesday) Doing ICIS Training in London, although dullsville for the Blog in terms of travel, is obviously hugely popular for chemical folk from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey and the Netherlands. They came by train and by plane, even from the distant parts of the UK.


We had a record number of delegates on Tuesday, and had to run two parallel sessions. To cater for the second group we flew in our crack Asian trainers, John R and Malini, hot from their endeavours next door to the Blog on their own esteemed organ, the Asian Chemicals Connections blog.


The hotel location in Hammersmith, west central London was again dull, dull, dull, but had a bright sunny view over the Hammersmith flyover, was brand spanking new inside and provided a very decent lunch including sushi. Even so, I thought the hotel’s claim to be handy for Harrods and Buckingham Palace was stretching the truth a bit far.


Only three delegates had to cancel because of the volcanic ash cloud travel chaos, and we were able to rebook them on the Berlin course scheduled for June.


All day long I was hot, cold, hot, cold thanks to some over-generous hotel heating, and had to give my pricing paper twice for the two groups, one upstairs, one downstairs, one without jacket, one with jacket. The first paper was in the pre-lunch slot where I was racing to finish by 1pm, the second in the last slot of the day where I was rushing to finish by 5.15pm. I wonder if anyone noticed that I skipped the bits about inter-product competition for feedstocks and the main problems facing chemical tanker ship-owners. It just wasn’t worth it under the time pressure.


They were an interesting crowd and asked some perceptive questions. Roland was taking some photos for the ICIS Training website, and I expect he will let me have a couple for the Blog when he gets back to Singapore.


(photo: ICIS Training team)

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