Midnight’s Children – Welcome to Mumbai

indiaballoon.jpgMUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–Mumbai on my first morning is by no means as chaotic as I’ve been led to expect. My passage through the airport at 1.00 am this morning was no worse than elsewhere, despite it being 30 deg C outside (in the middle of the night!) with no queue at passport control but a longish wait for the luggage.


I bumped in to David L in the arrivals hall, who told me as we were waiting at the carousel that Petrochem is now the second largest distributor in India and invited me to their APIC party tomorrow night.


The hotel is brand spanking new and it’s quiet as the grave at 2.00 am. My room has a glass wall to the shower room and bathroom, which is taking transparency a bit far. While you are in the shower, you can watch TV.


As part of the in-room check-in process, the receptionist takes a photo of me “so that the staff will recognise you.” At 2.00 am after a long flight, it is not one of my best. Later my colleagues tell me that none of them had a photo taken on check-in, so that’s a bit odd.


Maddeningly, at 2.00 am I have to return a call to the US because with the ten-and-a half-hour time difference there is only a small window to connect.


I wake up at 8.00 am to find we have a new Conservative Prime Minister in the UK. After days of following the negotiations minute by minute, it is unsettling that I missed it.


Click here for John Richardson’s opening APIC article 

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