Nylon pantyhose donated to Gulf oil spill clean-up

tights rex.jpgYou couldn’t make it up. A pantyhose (tights, nylons) manufacturer has donated thousands of pairs of pantyhose to help clean up the BP oil spill in the US Gulf.


Hanesbrands is donating 37,500 pairs of pantyhose to Matter of Trust, a non-profit manufacturer of matting, and another 12,500 pairs to Sunshine and Shores Foundation, to produce oil booms.


The Blog is agog to hear that matting made from hair clippings is also being drafted in to help mop up the oil. Matter of Trust in San Francisco is donating its entire stockpile, 400,000 pounds of hair, to the clean up effort.


Even pet fur can help clean up the spill, according to this article on CNN.


(Wacky oil spill related articles spotted by Doris and Gabriela.) 

photo Rex

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