Siberia is next hot travel destination

MUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–Siberia is far from featureless and Lake Baikal is unforgettably beautiful, I’m reading in the BA in-flight magazine in an article by John Simpson, famous older TV reporter and advocate of late fatherhood since leaving his first family and starting over again.


I too would love to visit Siberia. In the days when I covered the ICIS styrene report I was often invited to visit Nizhnekamsk, in Russia’s internal republic of Tatarstan, the most far-flung of all the styrene plants we cover in the European report. A search on ICIS news brings up seven articles I wrote about the plant, so it was clearly remiss of me to fail to take up the invitations.


Now that Siberia is sometimes being called “The New Middle East,” on account of its massive gas reserves, I think it’s time to slip on my felt boots and head east.

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