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(Tuesday) After the first day of ICIS Training in London, we took the scenic walk down the river from Hammersmith Bridge, past the boathouses and pretty waterside pubs, stopping for dinner at the Dove.


The evening had been billed as a Blogging Summit, since it was fortuitous that the training event had brought together for the first time the combined talents of my blogging colleagues Malini and John from Asian Chemical Connections, Paul H from Chemicals and the Economy, Simon R from Big Biofuels Blog and RBI’s blogging guru Adam T (himself a Grangemouth chemical sprog), as well as Nigel and Peter from Training.


Adam gave us some tips and filled us in on our own company gossip. I for one learnt how to do a “Reverse DNS look up”, not to be confused with a reverse ferret or a reverse cowgirl, and will be looking forward to endless fun looking up owners of ISP addresses.


On the way home, I switched on my Blackberry and saw that Adam had sneakily photographed us on his iPhone while we were looking at the pub menu and posted us on Twitter. (This is all getting a bit self-referential!)

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