Dog washing machine launched in Japan

dog washing machine.jpgA dog washing machine called the Joyful Honda, which automatically cleans and grooms a dog in 30 minutes for only $10, has been launched in Japan, I spotted in this week’s Private Eye (If you click through here, you can also see a witty cartoon entitled “BP boss reassures world”, which I cannot print here for copyright reasons, expires 7 June.)


Petchem folk will immediately spot that this will be a huge growth area for ethoxylate demand.


“It may look exactly like a washing machine for clothes, and there are many similarities, but the Joyful Honda is perfectly safe for pets. Some people say it is cruel, but we use pure ozone water and a special no-tears shampoo, and the process is entirely harmless, although it does take some animals a while to get used to the blow dryer,” the manager of the Pet World pet store told reporters in Tokyo, according to Private Eye citing an article on NBC News.)


(photo: ivbsav)

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