Gerhard Schröder to speak at EPCA Budapest Luncheon

Schröder Rex.jpgGerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany (1998-2005), will be the speaker at the EPCA Closing Lunch on Tuesday 5 October 2010 in Budapest.


His theme will be “Nine Billion People in 2050,” echoing the theme of the conference: “Nine Billion People in 2050: The Chemical Industry as Enabler of Solutions.”


The Blog’s word of advice to delegates would be that there is no point in betting on the length of the speech, as it already says on the programme that after a five-minute introduction from Tom Crotty of INEOS, EPCA President, the Chancellor will speak from 12.05 till 12.25, and then take 35 minutes of Q&A from the floor.


And on another important point, the Blog would advise that you get something to eat beforehand, as the meal will not be served until after the speeches. The folk memory of the long hungry wait for food at the 2007 Lunch in Berlin is still fresh in our minds.

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