Orange Power Wellies for Glastonbury

orange power welly.jpgWellington boots are the best thing ever for splashing around in mud. Now a hi-tech wellie which charges a mobile phone has been launched for this summer’s Glastonbury Festival. The Blog had to read the press release through a couple of times to be sure it wasn’t a spoof:


“The Orange Power Wellies, created in collaboration with renewable energy experts GotWind, use a unique ‘power generating sole’ that converts heat from your feet into an electrical current … Twelve hours of stomping through the Glastonbury Festival in your Orange Power Wellies will give you enough power to charge a mobile phone for one hour. To increase the length of time you can charge your phone for, simply hot step it to the dance tent because the hotter your feet get, the more energy you produce.”


These guys have got to have a sense of humour to call themselves “GotWind.” My fellow blogger Will Beacham, who covered Glasto for the Blog last year, will be taking the Orange Power Wellies for a test spin at this year’s festival.

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  1. Lara McNamee 10 June, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Sounds great – i wonder if they can modify my shoes for my mini ipod!!!! Although, you might need to keep an eye out that nobody tries to steal whatever it is you have charging (as who looks at their feet all day)…….

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