Ping Pong Balls of Fury

brodmann blades.jpgBalls of Fury is one of the worst films the Blog has ever seen. Like every other sports-themed film it’s about a past champion gone to seed who makes a miraculous return to form.


It’s a slapstick comedy only it’s not funny and it’s way too long, which is a pity because table tennis has been having a bit of a petchem revival, what with the appearance of a ping pong table in the ICIS Houston office. And who were the two eminent figures of the petchem industry playing ping pong at NPRA by the pool in the Marriott Riverwalk hotel?


Now the Blog finds that for newcomers to the game there is a foolproof new plastic and rubber invention called the Brodmann Blades. Two bats (paddles) are stuck together with a gap in between, and you just slip your hand in and swat the ball with your bat-glove.


The 1st Official BrodmannBlades™ Table Tennis Tournament @ SPiN will hold its Kick-Off Event on 21 June 2010 in New York.

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