Vuvuzela craze boosts plastics demand

The vuvuzela has boosted demand for plastics, and given retailers an unexpected sales boom, according to this article on Sky spotted by Lara.


The constant din at the World Cup games has maddened players and fans, but UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has sold 40,000 of the plastic trumpets at £2 each.


For the pitiful England vs USA game, it sold a vuvuzela every two seconds.


“It seems like the bad publicity has been good for us,” said Brandon Bernado of whose factory produces 10,000 of the horns every day.

“We’re completely sold out. Every time we manufacture more, the next morning by nine we’re sold out,” he said.

The man who created the vuvuzela seven years ago, Neil van Schalkwyk, believes the industry is now worth 50m rand (£4.4m) globally.

You can even download a free vuvuzela iphone app that makes 90 decibels (dB) of noise – nearly as loud as a chainsaw.

The real horn can belt out more than 130 dB.

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