Asian Aromatics Webinar – FREE

Wondering how to fill the summer lull (Sommerloch) in the office? Sign up for a free 80-minute webinar on the Asian aromatics market on Tuesday 3 August, in the morning European time, or afternoon Singapore time. The key topics being discussed will be:


  • The key shifts in the supply and demand balance in Asia’s benzene and toluene markets, the impact of China on these markets and the outlook for rest of 2010
  • The convoluted market trends of Asia styrene
  • What’s behind the downtrend and lacklustre trading conditions in Asian mixed xylenes and para-xylene, plus an update on plants and projects in China and the Middle East and the outlook in the downstream PTA market.
  • The PX Asia Contract Price (ACP) versus spot prices as well as how the two pricing mechanisms are linked and affect each other

I know 80 minutes sounds like a long time, but we all know that online webinars are an excellent opportunity for multi-tasking. The Blog has already blocked off that morning, and will be settling back with an extra-tall cup of coffee to enjoy the show.


Click here for more details and the FREE registration form.

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