Drunk oil trader joins Starsupply

The drunken oil trader who lost his employer $10 million in a binge of unauthorized trading (see original ICIS news article) was back in the news this week as he had his day in court.

Steve Perkins, formerly of PVM Oil Futures, was fined £72,000 by the Financial Services Authority, but what caught the Blog’s eye in this article in the Evening Standard was that he was reportedly “in talks with a Swiss commodity broker Starsupply Renewables about a possible job in Geneva.”

Since then it has emerged that Perkins is already working at Starsupply Renewables, the world’s largest biofuels brokerage, in Switzerland, following the route of so many of our own petchem traders in recent months. He will not be trading during his five-year FSA suspension, but creating trading manuals for graduate recruits.

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