EPCA 2010 – 1,936 signed up for Budapest

budapest july 2010 Rex.jpgA quick check of the EPCA website shows that 1,936 delegates have now signed up for the conference with just six weeks to go. That’s overtaken last year’s 1,900. 


Flights are booked – and just in time, because one morning flight from London had just two seats left when I last looked. Hotel rooms are booked; the ICIS suite in the Marriott is booked; local restaurants are heavily booked for the three lunches. Everyone’s meeting schedule is filling up, with just very early morning and very late afternoon slots left for last-minute C-list meetings.


One new colleague tells me how excited he is to see that the chosen ICIS hotel has a bullet-proof presidential suite and inclusive room plus dental packages available. I hope he isn’t disappointed.


Another contact bemoans the fact that when he was a producer, “everyone and his dog” wanted to have meetings with him, but now he’s a trader, it’s a rather different picture.


(photo Rex:The Houses of Parliament, and Chain Bridge, Budapest July 2010)

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