INEOS’s Gordon Adams on charity bike ride

Gordon Adams.jpgGordon Adams of INEOS is currently gearing up for a 1,000 mile cycle ride from the southernmost tip of England to the northernmost tip of Scotland to raise money for Cancer Research.


Adams, business manager butadiene and C4s at INEOS, is pictured here in the yellow top with his friend Rob, also taking part in the charity bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats.


Apart from raising money for a charity that helps thousands and touches the lives of countless others, they say on their website that there is a very good reason to donate:


“Will the cycle hurt? Yes, but we are willing to suffer the blisters, boils and body odour! All you have to do is sit back in your comfy armchair and donate!!”


I see that some of the donations come with graphic comments about the range of injuries his friends expect him to sustain.


Says our own Nel, “I am sure Gordon would appreciate more industry support – please go to



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