No more US green visa waiver forms

customsdeclaration.jpgEuropean travellers to the US no longer have to fill in the green visa waiver form – just the ESTA form online and the blue customs form on the plane. Apparently the green immigration form expired quietly in early July 2010.  It took the cabin crew some time to explain this to those of us who have spent a lifetime filling in two forms and were not to be dissuaded. Not filling in the green form saves valuable minutes on the 10-hour flight, leaving even more time to find things to do to fill the yawning hours of boredom.


So goodbye green form.


No more will English children tackle with glee the crucial questions:

Have you ever been a communist? YES OR NO

Have you ever been a terrorist? YES OR NO


I always thought the YES/NO boxes a bit restrictive, leaving no room for essay-style answers beginning with …”Well, I used to be a freedom fighter. Does that count as a terrorist?” or “I donated tins to the miners’ strike. Does that count in America as a communist?”

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