Plasticity at London’s Science Museum

plasticity1.JPGInspired by the ICIS Training “Beginner’s Course in Petrochemicals,” which recommended a visit to London’s Science Museum exhibition “Plasticity,” our own Helena took her nine year-old nephew for a day of plastics, science and museum café food.


“It’s better than an old fort,” was his acute observation.


plasticity2.JPGplasticity3.JPGPlasticity has exhibits from the history of plastics, including:


The Birth of Plastics – Baekeland’s invention and the rapid spread of plastics as a useful material.

Plastic Dreams – the widespread use of plastics since their introduction, and the properties and uses of key plastics including polythene, polyurethane, polyester, nylon and acrylic.

Plastics Now – plastics today and the environmental implications of their use.

Plastic Futures – cutting-edge prototype products and expert views about new sources of plastics, and new ways to reduce waste and use plastics more responsibly.

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