Sherlock Holmes and the Dalian Exchange

sherlock benedict cumberbatch.jpgDid anyone spot the petchem link in the brilliant new 21st-century Sherlock on BBC TV? Wasn’t it obvious?


In the second of three episodes, “The Blind Banker,” Sherlock Holmes is investigating the murder of a bank trader who has recently returned from two round-the-world trips via Dalian, home of the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE), much reported in ICIS news as the site of wild gambling on polymers (LLDPE and PVC) futures.


At once we know that this trader is a crook.


The second petchem link, less obvious perhaps, is that the lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, has an unusual name which is uncannily similar to my ex-ICIS friend, Janet Cumberpatch. I suspect some Caribbean connection. 

(photo Rex)

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