A business traveller’s introduction to Serbo-Croat and Hungarian

Having mastered the Serbo-Croat languages with great ease on holiday this year, the Blog is feeling quietly confident about revisiting the Hungarian language while at EPCA in Budapest in three weeks’ time. Here are a few tips for fellow travellers:


Blog Croat vocabulary

Motorway toll: cestarina

With a drop of milk please: mlijeko

Thank you: hvala vam

Pancakes: palačinke

Is service included? je usluga uključeni?

Can we have our ball back? možemo imati našu loptu natrag?

Yes I speak Serbo-Croat fluently: da ja govorim tečno serbo croat


Blog Hungarian vocabulary

For sale: Eladó

Is service included? a szolgáltatás is?

Turkey: pulyka

Pancakes: palacsinta

Extra strong paprika: erős paprika

Is this the train to Balaton? ez a vonat a Balaton?

Yes these are my children: igen, ezek az én gyermekeim


Happy travelling. 

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  1. Paul Hodges 18 September, 2010 at 10:28 am #


    This is extremely helpful briefing material.

    Will you also be developing a pod-cast, so we can be sure we are using the correct pronunciation? Or maybe even a ‘show-and-tell’ YouTube video?


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