By taxi to ICB in New York

My fellow ICIS blogger Simon Robinson has just returned from a week in the ICIS Chemical Business (ICB) office in New York, and is feeling that he has a lot to get off his chest. Here is a heavily expurgated version of his experiences with New York taxi cabs …


Being yellow on the outside New York cabs are obvious and the one clear advantage that they have over London cabs is that you can easily tell when they are for hire. Other than that it is hard to spot any benefits. The interiors are cleverly coloured a dirty dark grey. The seats are the kind of vinyl that your legs stick to if you are in shorts and which are guaranteed to make you sweat uncontrollably if the temperature gets over 20 deg C.


In my experience in London, I’ve never been in a cab where the driver stopped next to fellow cabbie to give him a mouthful for not going quite fast enough.

In London it is possible to travel in comparative silence, detached from the city closeted with your thoughts. In New York it appears that there are special radio stations which cab drivers particularly like. They give you the time every two minutes, yes every two minutes.


With a comparatively long spell in my yellow-coated paradise, I was able to get my ear in to the advertising. I’d have to say that things are not going entirely swimmingly for BP petrol station franchisees and owners. They appeared in radio ads to actually thank people for buying gasoline from them. The sooner BP rebrands its service station network in the US as Amoco, the better, I guess.

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