ICIS Training in Amsterdam

What shall we conclude from the Sold Out status of the two ICIS Training seminars in Amsterdam today and tomorrow?


  • That Amsterdam is a popular location?
  • That September-December is a popular time for training, with budget needing to be spent?
  • That the petchem biz is picking up?
  • That lots of Bright Young Things are in new jobs?
  • That a great deal of corporate knowledge has been lost in staff turnover?

Today’s “Petrochemicals Part 1: An Introduction to the Industry” went swimmingly, with a group of delegates weighted unusually heavily on the side of buyers.


It’s certainly very buzzy having a big group, especially in the break-out sessions.


As usual, there were some delegates who’d made a super-human effort to be there. The ones who’d travelled the greatest distances for the training were from Brazil and Belarus. Not a bad effort.


During my Pricing and Markets presentation, there were questions on manipulation, forecasting, assessment methodology, how traders work arbitrages, the ARG and how genuine the slew of shutdowns and forces majeures was.


At last it was lunch, and the talk was about the current shortages of product and high prices, caused by shutdowns earlier in the year. It was quite an eye-opener to hear this all from buyers.


I’ve had a sneak preview on Taru’s SLR camera of her moody close-up shots of speakers and delegates, and am looking forward to getting those on the Blog this week. She was also doing some video testimonials for the ICIS Training website, which should be a bit of fun from what I saw during the filming.


Off to dinner now with the training team in the Beethovenstraat…


(Photos to follow when I get them from Taru.)


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