New recruits for the new ICIS Heren German office

Ed Cox from ICIS Heren in London sets off to Dusseldorf to start recruiting the editorial team for the new German office …


I don’t think my colleagues believe me at the ICIS Heren office when I say how delighted I am that our latest new office is in Germany. If it was in Spain or Italy they would eye me jealously but Dusseldorf? It’s just not the same. They clearly thought I was being ironic when I said I couldn’t wait to get over to see it.


But I wasn’t and here I am. My first visit to the (still quite) new premises as the editorial recruitment process develops. The weather has turned nasty, I got lost on the way from the station to the hotel in a foolish attempt to cut costs by walking and they wouldn’t let me past the reception desk at the office. Other than that it’s going well.

Since my year in Germany the place has become something of a romantic ideal – I was young, a student, living around vineyards. Given the current circumstances it’s good that I have kept this rose-tinted view of the place. Because there are certainly no vineyards in the Dusseldorf area and the lady in the office wasn’t going to fall for my 19th century sounding German with an attractive English accent.


I learned years ago not to question the German bureaucratic system. It’s the kind of place where if the taxman owes you money you just write back telling him not to worry because you’ll be dead by the time you’ve filled in the necessary forms.


So, interview number one was concluded with the backdrop of soft music in our hotel reception area and continued until quite late into Thursday evening, so that the chink of adjacent glasses was becoming harder to ignore.


Fortunately we fared better on Friday and gained access to the very swanky little office space on floor five just off Graf Adolf Platz (that’s Count Adolf Square by the way) so our would-be German team was met in rather more professional surroundings. And we unearthed some decent candidates too.


A great chestnut tree may grow from the small conker that is our soon-to-be-filled Dusseldorf office and I look forward to spending time here. 

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