On Vince Cable, Zac Goldsmith and the attractions of doom-mongering

I’ve just read ”The Great Disappointment follows the Great Recession“ by Paul Hodges, the Vince Cable of the chemical industry. It certainly brought me down to earth after yesterday’s excitement.


Not that there’s anything wrong with Vince Cable, who happens to be my local MP and is roundly adored by all his constituents. Returned with 54% of the vote in this year’s elections, no local gathering of neighbours or school parents is complete without someone singing his praises.


And in the next door constituency we have newly elected Zac Goldsmith – billionaire environmentalist playboy MP – also the topic of much local and national gossip – but the Blog is confident in predicting that he won’t last past the next election. I know the electors of Richmond Park and we are easily bored. We crave novelty. Next time it will have to be a filmstar or lingerie model or talking pet, although no doubt we will soon be bored with that.


Filmstar politicians do tend to last quite well. Glenda Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Imran Kahn, Ronald Reagan … (already bored with this list.)

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