Plastic water bottle Bobble selling like hot cakes

bobble.bmpNo sooner had the Blog finished cackling at the idea that there might be something green about buying bottled water, than another environmentally-friendly water-related plastics marketing genius hits the headlines.


The makers of Bobble – a reusable bottle – claim it can filter tap water to a purity that rivals mineral water. It has been launched in the US, where sales are expected to pass the one million dollar mark by the end of September, and it was launched in the UK in August. Selling from up market department store Harvey Nichols at £10 a piece, sales have apparently been “outstanding.”


The Bobble is fitted with a carbon filter that removes chlorine and contaminants from tapwater and can be used up to 300 times before the filter needs replacing. It is of course made from plastic, and comes in some nice Day-Glo colours.


The Blog had to laugh on reading the Bobble CEO’s comment in the Grocer magazine: “It’s the first consumer product that has really given people an alternative to bottled water.” Oh please.

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