Tupperware plastics demand boost from drag act

tupperware drag queen dee w ieye.jpgTupperware’s top North American saleswoman is a fabulous blonde drag queen, performing as Miss Dee W Ieye, who sells so many plastic storage products in her raunchy parties that she has beaten all competition for the fourth consecutive year.


Actor Kevin Farrell does a 50-minute routine, for a minimum of 30 people at each party and minimum sales of $1,500. He says understandably: “I don’t want to spend an hour putting on make-up for six girls.”


Showing an acute grasp of plastics demand in an economic downturn, he adds: “Everyone needs to maximize their grocery dollar in today’s economy … Tupperware’s exceptional reputation and my down home charm and girl next door looks keep my Tupperware business THRIVING in a down economy. $20,000 in average monthly sales keeps me at the top of the sales chart!”

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