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PHOTOS: EPCA 2010 in Budapest

From the lobbies of the Budapest Marriott and Interconti hotels, to the official suites, the Opening Reception at the National Gallery high on Gellert hill above the city, and the EPCA Luncheon, the EPCA photographers have captured the event. In an email to delegates on 26 October, the EPCA has sent round the link to […]

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VIDEO: Live from the ICIS stand at K2010

Experience life on the ICIS stand at the K-fair in Dusseldorf, on the first day of the exhibition. Jamie filmed this slice of life video on Wednesday afternoon, as the ICIS team was hard at work. 

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PHOTOS: K-fair 2010 Dusseldorf

Day One at K2010 in Dusseldorf. The first morning has been crazy busy with all sorts of people dropping by the ICIS stand in Hall 8a – people with lifelong contact with ICIS, people who’ve never heard of us, people who kind of think they’ve heard of us, people who suddenly want to subscribe to […]

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K Special

The K fair comes round once every three years, and I’ve never been before. “You’ll hate it,” a colleague tells me as I’m leaving the office on Monday. It’s huge, it’s noisy, you walk miles to find people, and you’re on your feet all day.   Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it for three main […]

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Dan Smith, ex-LyondellBasell speaker at NECA Xmas Luncheon

Dan Smith, former Chief Executive Officer at LyondellBasell Industries will be the keynote speaker at the Northeast Chemical Association (NECA) Xmas Luncheon.   The event will be held as always at the Pierre Hotel in New York, on Friday 10 December.   Tickets for the Luncheon are a snip at $250 a head, which the […]

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TRADER MOVES: Patrick Aulbers sets up Aulbers Chemicals

Patrick Aulbers has set up a new chemical trading venture, Aulbers Chemicals BV, he announced on Wednesday.   The new company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and will be trading acrylonitrile and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM).   Aulbers was formerly owner/managing director/trader at Joss Chemicals.

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TRADER MOVES: David Corthorn to Accenture, Australia

David Corthorn has moved to a new position as Senior Manager – Commodity Trading & Risk Management Services at Accenture, based in Sydney, Australia, he announced on Thursday.   Corthorn was previously with RBS Sempra Commodities in London, although the Blog originally came across him at BP.   He has kindly emailed me this link […]

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Ships at Fos-Lavera port as French refineries out of action

An evocative helicopter view of all the ships waiting around Fos-Lavera port while the French refineries are out of action – it’s a video from AFP, which my colleague Nel has spotted today.   Click here to play the video.   (photo:

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MOVES: David Byrne to Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Houston

David Byrne has taken up the position of Monomer Trading and Logistics Leader for the chemical division of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company from Monday 18 October 2010, the company announced on Friday.   Byrne, who was formerly styrene business manager for Shell Chemicals in Europe, then manager of operations excellence in Houston, will […]

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iPads versus iPhones (Michael Jackson spoof)

  Traders with their new iPads are everywhere. My first sighting of the petchem trader/iPad combo was at APIC in May.   “It’s a life changer,” another trader tells me this week. Right.   Now that iPhones are commonplace, iPads are still rare enough to have the cool edge.   This video is going round […]

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