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k logo.jpgThe K fair comes round once every three years, and I’ve never been before. “You’ll hate it,” a colleague tells me as I’m leaving the office on Monday. It’s huge, it’s noisy, you walk miles to find people, and you’re on your feet all day.


Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it for three main reasons:

1)     It’s my first time, and I’ve never seen a 17-hall exhibition with 3,102 exhibitors before.

2)     It’s huge and loads of people we know will be there.

3)     Tina has booked us a fairytale Romantik hotel in a picturesque village 34 km outside Dusseldorf, with allegedly a great pool and restaurant.


I’ve packed my flat shoes and have ignored all the invitations to parties on the hotel ships on the Rhine. If I’m going to be on my feet on the ICIS stand C18 in Hall 8Aa all day for three days, a swim and some good food are infinitely more appealing than nightlife on board.


I see the K2010 organisers, Messe Düsseldorf, are reporting that the number of exhibitors is just 12 down on the 2007 event, and they are expecting over 200,000 visitors.


Click here for Nigel’s Insight piece on K2010


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