PHOTOS: ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit

Everyone who is anyone in Russian polymers was there. I don’t know how our working partners at MRC managed to get such a star line-up of speakers, but it certainly pulled in a crowd.


Speakers from Sibur, Lukoil and Nizhnekamskneftekhim (NKNKh) lined up for the first session of the morning at the ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit. The level of questioning from the audience was extremely robust, and much more direct than we are used to hearing at west European conferences. Each speaker had at least five questions from the floor, and one them had 15 questions, I counted.


Click here for ICIS news articles from the Summit:

Polymer producers in Russia to go ahead with building new plants


Protectionism damaging to Russian polymer industry – SABIC




1 Yevgeniy Tsyganov, Nizhnekamskneftekhim (standing); Alexander Rappoport, Lukoil; Sergey Merzlyakov, Sibur; chairman, A Karab’ants


2 Sergey Merzlyakov, Sibur



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