Russian Polymers Summit versus Aromatics Conference – East v West

The Blog observed some key differences between east European and west European ICIS petchem conferences, while sitting quietly in the audience at last week’s ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit in Moscow.


1 East: Loads of very direct questions from the floor, even complaints and personal digs.

West: A small number of courteous questions couched in legally acceptable language.


2 East: Direct answers from speakers, often admitting fault.

West: Careful diplomatic answers and promises to discuss off-line.


3 East: No texting during presentations.

West: Widespread texting


4 East: Jackets on throughout day.

West: Shirtsleeves.


5 East: Everyone stays in conference room throughout the day, even till the end of the last paper.

West: Diminishing attendance in preference for networking, and mass walkouts during technical papers.


6 East: Moderate attendance at post-conference cocktail party, and low take-up of free drinks.

West: Strong attendance at cocktails, plus industry gate-crashers who wander in because they were “just passing”, and a hard core of delegates who stay on past the closing time while the hotel staff are trying to clear up.

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  1. Ashok 17 October, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    This is so true, Barbara. One has to wonder why we bother. Or is it that we think we know everything?

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