Berlin, Berlin and more Berlin

Heavy security at the Berlin airports on account of the terrorist alert caused some delays on arrival for delegates travelling to the ICIS Aromatics Conference, and the closure of the Reichstag on Monday prevented at least one attendee from completing a pre-conference tour.


Undeterred by the cold and the rain, delegates were able to wander through the pretty Xmas Market in the nearby Gendarmenmarkt on their way to some pretty good dinners.


If this conference has to be November (and I tried to move it to December next to the EPL but was rebuffed) then can’t we go somewhere warm? This is our third time in Berlin in the last 13 months (EPCA, Training/Phenol Conference, Aromatics), and we already know that the 2011 EPCA will be back here. I think that’s enough of Berlin. I’m hoping the delegate feedback forms will support Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Athens ….

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