Chemical adverts #13 – BASF butterfly

BASF butterfly advert.jpgThis week’s issue of The Economist (30 Oct – 5 Nov 2010) is full of chemical and energy-related adverts, but this BASF ad opposite the contents page at the front of the magazine is the most striking.


Topically in the week of the K-fair in Dusseldorf, the advert shows an assortment of plastic automotive components laid out in the shape of a butterfly.


The message is that “Car parts made with BASF plastics can be used instead of metal parts to make vehicles lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient.”


The print edition of The Economist also has a full page ad for GE showing a jet engine in the heart of a sunflower, another BASF ad with cute green shoots in test tubes, a two-page spread for Shell on passing “energy on to the next generation” illustrated by Japanese children at play, and then three full pages for Chevron on “Big Oil.”


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