Manflu comes in plastic bottle

manflu.jpgA male comfort drink in a plastic bottle has been launched to help soothe men who suffer from colds, according to an article in the Grocer.


The lemon-lime and honey flavour “Manflu” drink, sold as “comfort and sympathy in a bottle” will be a welcome antidote to the illness manflu, the severity of which is not widely appreciated outside male circles.


According to the Grocer, the drink can be drunk on the go as a shot, or poured into a mug and mixed with hot water.


Women, wise up. Buy a multi-pack, and keep one in the car, one in the office and one in your handbag. You need never be accused of a sympathy shortfall again.


(photo: manflu) 


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  1. A Mann 24 November, 2010 at 10:55 am #

    Given the level of sympathy in this article, it is not surprising that men, struggling on with stoicism, a stiff upper lip and a runny nose have to hit the bottle!

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