Will Royal Wedding be good for plastics demand?

royal wedding sky.jpgInjection moulding machines across the world are poised for a plastic souvenir bonanza, following yesterday’s announcement of the Royal Wedding.


Amongst the acres of coverage about the design of the engagement ring and the wedding dress, and how they will inspire all of next year’s brides to buy the same, there is so far little coverage of the containers full of plastic knick-knacks which will be heading for the impressionable markets of Europe and the US.


The Blog is looking forward to the souvenir plates, the masks, the ornaments, the lunchboxes, the badges, the mouse mats and the tee shirts, all of which will stimulate much-needed demand for traditional polymers.


I shall be clearing a space among the conference freebies on the cabinet in the office, shoving aside all the priceless tat from K-2010, to make room for an extensive collection of Royal Wedding memorabilia. All donations accepted.

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