Culinary adventures in Shanghai

chicken and chillis.jpgAside from all the fantastic benefits of ICIS expanding its interest in CBI China – announced this week I hope that I will be able to spend more time with my clever, energetic and ever friendly colleagues in Shanghai, maybe even with the C1 editors in Guangzhou.


The culinary highlight of this trip was my introduction to Shanghai hairy crab, but you need an expert to steer you through the meal. The season for the female hairy crabs is the autumn, and for the male it’s December/January. I was lucky to have my colleague Cris to guide me through how to eat it, and which bits to avoid. It’s a lot of work and makes one huge mess.


Another favourite dish which I discovered entirely by chance from an impenetrable Chinese menu in a local cheap restaurant near my hotel, is chicken on a bed of red chillis. I liked this so much I had it twice. Underneath all those chillis, there’s chicken and peanuts, and it’s a bit spicy but nowhere near as bad as it looks. It’s about 90% chillis.

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