Editors return to the ICIS fold

A lot of editors have returned to work at ICIS in the last year. Really a lot. And in the field of market reporting, known for its portable skills, the fact that so many who left have now come back is worthy of comment.


I can list James M, Ron C, Judith T, Brian B and Tim R – all senior and very skilled editors, who bring wide and valuable experience to our team.


And among our more junior reporters, there’s Helena S and Sarah T … All of them are relieved to be back, having experienced some mixed and even harsh circumstances on the outside.


One could speculate on the reasons. Perhaps it’s the economy; perhaps it’s the change in editorial direction; perhaps it’s a pure coincidence.


Whatever it is, the Blog is delighted to celebrate their return. And to (nearly) all ex-ICIS readers of the Blog, whether in Dubai, Hong Kong or at university, the Blog says … keep in touch.


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