Ground breaking at the ICIS Heren German office

heren DSC00941.JPG

(photo: Johanna in ICIS Heren Dűsseldorf office)


Ed Cox is in Dűsseldorf as the ICIS Heren office starts work …


“The new office in Dűsseldorf saw some real action on Monday as our reporter Johanna Rűschoff became the first official person to start work there. I came over from London to help get things going and after a few niggles, fiddling with cables and conversations with the technical support guys, everything seems to be in order.


Check the photo for the view from the office – right in the heart of the city – but with a park and trees for a view.


Johanna will be leading on German gas news to start as we expand our coverage. Sadly there was no bottle of champagne to be smashed to mark the opening, but the coffee machine does great cappuccinos as the next best thing.”


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