ICIS-CBI editorial team in Shanghai

Taking on a strongly Chinese flavour for the month of January, in the run up to the Lunar New Year, the Blog is still celebrating the joining together of ICIS and CBI in China.


I had a warm and welcoming week with the editorial team in Shanghai, working on our methodologies, information gathering and annual market reviews, together with our Editorial Director, Ms Chris Qi. One main difference to our editorial teams elsewhere in ICIS is that the editors each specialise in just one product, so they build up great expertise. Their presentations on their markets were very impressive.


The photo shows some of the key editors in the Shanghai team.


cbi jan 2011.jpg 

Top row: Amber Liu (sbr), Echo Han (oxos), Amy Tong (sbr), Dolly Wu (ICIS news), Shirley Xu (lubes), Rainy Ma (polymers), Lynn Wu (caustic).


Middle row: Keny Jin (styrene), Jenny Yi (bisphenolA), Maggie Zhu (pvc), Natalie Hui (sulphur), Alfred Wong (Director), Viola Pan (BTX), Vivian Liu (BTX), Chris Qi (Director), Linda Lin (BTX).


Front row: Lily Zhang (styrene), Vicky Long (meg), Amanda Zhang (ICIS news), Jessia Shen (phenol/acetone), Besty Zhou (pvc), Sam Liang (methanol), Amy Yang (abs).       

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