Plasticopedia “barking mad” – Times

“” is a website so addictive that Times columnist Robert Crampton has gone public about his intention to give it up, I read in his column in Saturday’s Times Magazine supplement. He describes it as “barking mad,” and it is quite distracting once you get into looking at the pictures.


Not “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Plastics,” the Blog is disappointed to read, but a site devoted to speculating about the plastic surgery that celebrities may or may not have had done.


I’m forwarding the link to ex/colleagues Carolyn and Linda, both of whom are authorities on this very subject and could teach this website a thing or two.


I remember Carolyn forwarding a multiple choice quiz to us where we had to rate various female surgical enhancements as “real” or “fake.”  After two or three questions, they all looked the same to me. Carolyn, however, could tell the answer at a single glance.

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