Take your partner on a business trip

The days of the spouses’ programme at conferences may be over, but chemical folk are not averse to taking a partner along on the occasional trip. Especially those whose children are past school-age.


The summer EPL meeting, usually in a warm location, is often the time to catch sight of these rare birds.


EPCA in Budapest saw a strong turnout of partners at the Official Opening Reception at the Hungarian National Gallery.


On considering this important business issue of our time, the Blog has established:


The Key Benefits Of Taking Your Partner With You On A Business Trip:


1 He can carry everything.


2 You avoid having to work out the time difference for calling home.


3 You avoid the awkwardness of one of you having seen all the newly released films.


4 You can feature in some of your own photos: so here I am, standing in front of the magnetic levitating Maglev train into Shanghai from Pudong airport, after the 11 hour 10 minute flight from London.



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