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TRADER MOVES: Schaefer joins Novesia

Joachim Schaefer, who left Arpadis in January, has joined Meerbusch, Germany-based Novesia Mineral√∂lhandel, he told Truong on Friday.   He is looking after styrene and his regular petrochemical markets, he said.

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On conference drinks and exploding cocktails

I first heard someone ordering an “Irish Car Bomb” cocktail in Durty Nellie’s, an american Irish bar in San Antonio, Texas during NPRA a couple of years ago. It was shockingly sobering to have the maimed bodies of Omagh conjured up in casual humour and an unpleasant demonstration that plenty of people still find other […]

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A day of petchems, fine food and music

It was a pretty good day yesterday. First there was a morning meeting with an aromatics major player with Truong followed by a pleasant lunch on the South Bank. Then over to the massive Base Oils Conference in Lancaster Gate, followed by an early dinner at the Saatchi Gallery and in the evening a Paul […]

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PHOTOS: ICIS World Base Oils Conference 2011

The ICIS World Base Oils Conference in London is in full swing on Thursday afternoon. I slip in after the lunch break to catch the Lukoil and Orlen papers.   Setting aside the content (see covering article on ICIS news) the Lukoil paper is the last word in fancy presentation: there’s a video clip of […]

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Biggest ever ICIS World Base Oils Conference

The 15th ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference opening in London this morning has broken all records for base oils conferences and ICIS conferences in general.   More than 540 people have signed up, so the registration desks at the Lancaster Gate Hotel are going to be a huge operation – more hectic than […]

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The Consultant – a Faustian tale of management consultancy

Restructuring and rationalisation in the petchem business provides plenty of scope for consultants of all kinds to move in and sell us the benefits of their wisdom and experience.   The Blog has more than a passing acquaintance with a few petchem consultants, as fellow bloggers or co-organisers of conferences, or publishing consultants to our business. […]

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TRADER MOVES: Brian Lee resigns from Samsung

Trader Brian Lee has resigned from Samsung and is taking a break.   After his most recent role trading aromatics in Europe, he has moved back to Asia, according to his friends.  

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PHOTOS: ICIS training in London

From four days of ICIS training in London, some good photos of the speakers and delegates have reached the Blog. Here are a few, and the full 20 will be posted on Monday on the ICIS training website.  

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Voting “too tight to call” for Aromatics 2011 venue

Will the Aromatics 2011 conference be in Amsterdam or Prague?   Voting is “too tight to call,” Michelle in our conference team emails me this afternoon.   It’s 18 for Amsterdam, and 17 for Prague, with 2 selecting “no preference.”   In the end we had to discard the suggestion from one of last year’s […]

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ICIS Training – London in springtime

ICIS Training seminars are in London this week. When I arrive on the second of four days, I am greeted with the news that it is a good group and the food is fantastic.   It’s a bright spring day (see photo of crocuses on the green today), and some delegates tell me they are […]

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