Gong Xie Fa Cai at the Phoenix Palace

lobster at phoenix palace.jpgDevouring ten dishes including lobster, crispy seaweed and seabass, the Blog welcomed in the Year of the Rabbit with 50 other friends of China at a business dinner in Baker Street on Monday night. Everyone was supposed to have some connection with China, or at least a liking for big Chinese banquets, and the dress was “Business or Chinese.”


The Blog expressed the spirit of friendship by eating everything that was put in front of me, even though my Asian colleagues have repeatedly told me that this is not good manners. It was a good opportunity to try out my beginner’s Mandarin, at the top of my voice in a noisy restaurant.


I am now the proud owner of a Chinese calendar (the numbers will help me practise counting), a guide to lunar years of birth, and the business cards of people who’d like to advise me on mergers and acquisitions in China, even though I told them it’s a bit late for that.


(photo: Phoenix Palace)

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