Movies: The Social Network

social network poster.jpgNow this film is excellent. Anyone who reads this blog or uses any social media will really enjoy it. And because you come to it knowing that it is very recent history, and that it is the brains-to-riches story of the rise of Facebook, you are immediately gripped by the plot and the characters.


It’s brilliantly structured, with the straightforward linear plot of the unstoppable growth of the social network interspersed with flashbacks from the future betrayals and legal wrangles over the ownership of the Facebook site.


The Mark Zuckerberg character is the perfect geek, a genius at computer science, easily hacking into university records, but also devious, pugnacious and with a cruel streak and big ego right from the beginning. There is one sequence of perfect counterpoint, where the geeks are shown sitting up late into the night designing screens, while the rich and beautiful students are stripping off at their wild and exclusive parties.


The characters are big and clever, and the film is packed with Eureka moments as the Facebook founders grow the business in leaps and bounds. The scene with the Dean of Harvard is precious – the classic academic with no time for students.


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